2.0 The Ten Commandments (NEW)


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Children study each of the Ten Commandments and learn how they point us to Christ and help us to live as God’s people. Quarter 1 includes 6 introductory lessons, giving students a foundation for learning the Ten Commandments. The introductory lessons are based on God’s statement, “I am the LORD thy God.” The 36-lesson series spends three lessons on each commandment. Written activities and a variety of optional interactive classroom activities help students apply God’s truth. Memorization of the commandments and related Scripture verses is encouraged in each lesson.

Quarter 1 – The Introduction and Commandments 1-3 (available fall 2020)
Quarter 2 – Commandments 4-7 (available winter 2020-21)
Quarter 3 – Commandments 8-10 and Conclusion (available spring 2021)


Pre-order Quarter 1 student books, and you can choose from two options of either downloading Lessons 1-4 preliminary leaflets or having printed leaflets for Lessons 1-4 mailed to you. The first four lessons can also be purchased individually as downloadable PDF files.

Check out sample lessons here: https://www.ambassadorpublications.org/