Baptism: My Adoption into God’s Family


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Baptism is not just a church rite that identifies a person as a Christian. It is a mighty act of the triune God in which he washes away sin and creates saving faith. Sinners are born again as his children; they become living members of Christ’s church. Since Baptism does such great things, it isn’t surprising that it’s prominently featured throughout the New Testament. The book Baptism presents what the Bible teaches about the Sacrament and its meaning for the Christian’s everyday life of faith. It also discusses topics like baptizing infants and the custom of choosing godparents.

The People’s Bible Teachings series includes books on all of the main teachings of the Bible. Following the pattern set by The People’s Bible series, these books are written especially for Christians looking to further their study of God’s Word. The authors of the books in the People’s Bible Teachings series are pastors and professors who have had years of experience teaching the Bible.