Concordia Commentary: Colossians

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The letter to the Colossians is rich in Christology, to which all the articles of faith are intimately connected. One might even argue that Colossians possesses the most profound Christology in all the New Testament. A true, biblical Christology, centered in the cross and the empty tomb, gives life and meaning to all theology.

Colossians has much to say about the doctrine of creation. Moreover, the letter relates its teaching on creation directly to its Christology. In this way Colossians unites the presupposition of all theology (creation) with the heart and center of all theology (Christology). Colossians is also strongly eschatological. The eschatology of the letter extends beyond those verses that speak of the life to come, for its message is constantly given with an eye on eternity. The true doctrine of Christ, who is the exalted Lord over the entire creation, refutes the false christologies that were circulating in Colossae, variations of which continue to compete against the true Gospel in the world today.

For all of those reasons, Colossians is a rich source of Christian theology that contributes a number of unique insights to the church’s faith and life.


Fall ’18

Required AFLTS textbook for Captivity Epistles course, taught by Dr. Nathan Olson.

The Concordia Commentary series serves as a Lutheran standard for exegetic and systematic soundness. In walking through the text verse by verse, it first analyzes the syntax of the original language, followed by a Lutheran commentary on the passage. It is a relatively new commentary series and not every volume has been completed yet, but it is certainly worth starting to add to your library.
—Dr. Nathan Olson