Concordia Commentary: Ephesians


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Ephesians is a veritable compendium of St. Paul’s theology and a candidate for his most influential epistle. In it we learn of the reconciliation of the cosmos and our eternal election in Christ, as well as:

  • Salvation by grace through faith apart from works
  • The mystery of salvation also for the Gentiles
  • One Lord, one faith, one Baptism
  • The divine gift of the Holy Ministry
  • The Church as Christ’s bride and body
  • The Christological meaning of marriage
  • The resplendent armor of God.

We today, no less than the Ephesians recently converted from their pagan lifestyle, need to appropriate these teachings because of the spiritual peril of the environment in which we live. Dr. Winger’s commentary unfolds the mysteries of the Gospel by his meticulous analysis of the Greek text and his reverent exposition of the epistle’s proclamation of Christ and His gifts for the sake of His Church.


Fall ’20
Required FLS textbook for Captivity Epistles course taught by Pr. Jerry Moan, Professor of New Testament.

Fall ’18
Required FLS textbook for Captivity Epistles course, taught by Dr. Nathan Olson.

The Concordia Commentary series serves as a Lutheran standard for exegetic and systematic soundness. In walking through the text verse by verse, it first analyzes the syntax of the original language, followed by a Lutheran commentary on the passage. It is a relatively new commentary series and not every volume has been completed yet, but it is certainly worth starting to add to your library.
—Dr. Nathan Olson