Concordia Commentary: Romans 1-8




This commentary articulates the meaning of the Greek text of Romans in its original context for the benefit of the church and world today. Those without any knowledge of Greek will also profit from utilizing the volume. It provides insights that will enhance the understanding and effectiveness of scholars, pastors, and teachers who have the privilege of proclaiming Paul’s most famous letter. This commentary seeks to be theologically thorough in as few words as possible. Romans is the Spirit-breathed, living, and powerful Word of God. Its purpose is to bestow the righteous of God, which comes through faith alone, and to inculcate the life of faith in and through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Spring ’22

Required FLS textbook for Romans and Galatians course taught by Dr. Nathan Olson, Professor of New Testament and Systematic Theology.

Spring ’20

Required FLS textbook for Romans course taught by Dr. Nathan Olson.