Uncomfortable: The Awkward and Essential Challenge of Christian Community


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Does your church make you uncomfortable?

It’s easy to dream about the “perfect” church―a church that sings just the right songs set to just the right music before the pastor preaches just the right sermon to a room filled with just the right mix of people who happen to agree with you on just about everything.

Chances are your church doesn’t quite look like that. But what if instead of searching for a church that makes us comfortable, we learned to love our church, even when it’s challenging? What if some of the discomforts that we often experience are actually good for us?

This book is a call to embrace the uncomfortable aspects of Christian community, whether that means believing difficult truths, pursuing difficult holiness, or loving difficult people―all for the sake of the gospel, God’s glory, and our joy.

Spring ’22

Required FLS textbook for Discipleship and Servant Leadership course taught by Dr. Wade Mobley, and Dr. James Molstre.