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Read the Parish Education Director's Report from the 2021 Annual Conference here.

Together, we have enjoyed a full year of Luther’s Works, all in daily, bite-sized chunks. We are excited that we now have the softcover edition available and are looking forward to having the hardcover edition in hand shortly. 


Luther for the Busy Man breaks up Luther’s commentary on the standard Gospel texts into manageable daily content, organized according to the Church Year. It is our prayer that readers will become enthralled with Luther’s wise interaction with, and passionate application of, the biblical texts. Some will meet the Reformer for the first time, with others gaining a deeper appreciation for Luther’s ethos. Each one will receive daily nourishment through reminders of justification through faith in Christ and all of its implications for life.

Sign up for a free daily devotional delivered through email and/or text notification. Click the button above to subscribe! You can also listen to a daily podcast reading on the LFTBM website here. The softcover is available now, and the hardcover will be coming shortly. Order now!

LFTBM is a new project brought to you by the Free Lutheran Bible College and Seminary in cooperation with Ambassador Publications.

Heritage Series Volume V Now Available!

Volume V of the AFLC Heritage Series includes selected writings of the late Dr. Francis W. Monseth, longtime dean of the Free Lutheran Seminary. The title One Thing I Seek is based on Psalm 27:4, which was Dr. Monseth’s confirmation verse that guided him throughout his life. We give thanks to God for his life of service at the Free Lutheran Bible School and Seminary and are excited to share this collection with the people of the AFLC and beyond.

One Thing I Seek can be purchased here.


New Ten Commandments Curriculum!



View sample lessons here.

Lesson 1 sample copy.

Lesson 2 sample copy.

Lesson 3 sample copy.

View preliminary teacher lessons for
Quarter 1 here.

Teacher Manual Lesson 1.

Teacher Manual Lesson 2.

Teacher Manual Lesson 3.

Teacher Manual Lesson 4.

Teacher Manual Lesson 5.

Teacher Manual Lesson 6.

Teacher Manual Lesson 7.

Teacher Manual Lesson 8.

Teacher Manual Lesson 9.

Teacher Manual Lesson 10.

Teacher Manual Lesson 11.

Teacher Manual Lesson 12.

View preliminary teacher lessons for
Quarter 2 here.

One Sheet Overview Lesson 1.

One Sheet Overview Lesson 2.

Modified Sunday School or Wednesday Night Teaching Option

Many churches are considering how to effectively provide Christian education while still dealing with COVID challenges.

Are you exploring an intergenerational or home option with one theme or focus for all?

How about studying the Ten Commandments or the Lord’s Prayer or the Apostles’ Creed this year using mid-level curriculum for children, along with Luther’s Large Catechism with Study Questions or Luther’s Small Catechism in Illustration Study Guide for youth and adults.




Ten Commandments curriculum in our online store.


Luther's Large Catechism
with Study Questions in our online store.

Lord's Prayer curriculum in our online store.


Luther's Small Catechism In Illustration
Study Guide in our online store.

Apostles' Creed curriculum in our online store.

These short video clips can help introduce the topic each week

Bible Lesson Resources


Children's Message Video

Jesus Returns to Heaven

Children's Message Video

The Blind Man Sees
Children's Bible Lesson - "Jesus Loves the Little Children"
Youth/Adult Bible Lesson - "Jesus the Teacher" Answers
Devotional Meditation - The People Begged Them to Speak

Children's Message Video

Jesus Loves Children
Children's Bible Lesson - "Feeding the Thousands"
Youth/Adult Bible Lesson - "Many Roads, One Way", Answers 
Devotional Meditation -Matthew 10:1, 5

Children's Message Video

Lunch for a Bunch


Children's Message Video

Jesus Comes to His Friends
Children's Bible Lesson - "Jesus Meets Two Disciples"
"Thy Word Have I Hid in My Heart" - Song and Activity
Devotional Meditation - "We've Got It In Writing"

Children's Message Video

Walking and Talking on the Road to Emmaus
Children's Bible Lesson - "The Triumphal Entry"
Devotional Meditation - "The Peaceful King"
Palm Sunday Service for Family Worship

Children's Message Videos

Intro Video: Help Me Name My Friends!

Palm Sunday: Hosanna to the King!
Children's Bible Lesson - "Jesus Our Savior"
Youth/Adult Bible Lesson - "Unjust Trials", Answers
Devotional Meditation - "Benefits of the Lord's Supper"
Good Friday Service for Family Worship

Children's Message Video

Good Friday Children's Message
Children's Bible Lesson - "Jesus is Alive!"
Youth/Adult Bible Lesson - "Jesus' Resurrection", Answers 
Devotional Meditation - "Christ the Lord Is Risen Today"
Easter Sunday Service for Family Worship
Children's Message Video

Easter Children's Message

Devotions from Threads of Grace for Holy Week:

Free downloadable Bible lessons for all ages are being provided on our website during the COVID-19 crisis while church gatherings are limited. We hope families will use these resources at home to continue learning and growing in their faith! If you need other lessons, helps, or ideas, please contact us.

View all of the lessons available here.


Ambassador Publications Catalogs


View our catalog here.


View our AFLC Resources Catalog here..


Request free copies of our Ambassador Publications Brochure.

Acts Curriculum for Youth

Hypocrisy, miracles, persecution, temptation, journeys, and jail. See God at work through the apostles and other believers as the New Testament church is established and faces challenges and growth.


Click here for more information and to view sample lessons, Acts Curriculum.

Visit our online bookstore at for more information.


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