Scripture Memory Program

God's Word by Heart

Welcome to God’s Word by Heart, a Scripture memorization plan for children that was developed for use in the congregation, but is also suitable for use in the home or in other Christian ministries.



A wise father approached the Christian education committee of Solid Rock Free Lutheran Church in Anoka, Minnesota, with a request that Scripture memorization become an integral component of our Wednesday night children’s ministry. God’s Word by Heart was implemented by our congregation in the fall of 2007 as part of our Kids’ Klub, which is composed of a boys’ club, girls’ club, and preschool-kindergarten club. The Parish Education Board of the Association of Free Lutheran Congregations then requested that this Scripture memorization plan be made available to other interested congregations and individuals.


This hour-long ministry is structured into twenty-minute segments for the older children: 20 minutes for the Bible lesson, 20 minutes devoted to Scripture memorization, and 20 minutes for a game and snack. The preschool and kindergarten utilize ten-minute segments: Singing, Bible story, Bible activity, Scripture memorization, game time, and snack time.

Scripture folders

Each child involved is given a Scripture memorization folder. The first through sixth graders are given similar folders, while the preschool and kindergarteners are given folders which contain shorter portions of verses. For example, instead of learning the entire verse of Romans 5:8, they memorize “Christ died for us.” Please note that the verses are never paraphrased for the younger children. Instead, they memorize key phrases that are taken word for word from the Bible verse.

Voluntary participation

This program is clearly presented as voluntary. Some children who attend Christian schools or are homeschooled may already have large assignments for memorization. Therefore, memorizing at home is never required (though some may choose to do so). Time is available during Kids’ Klub for studying verses and reciting verses.


During children’s ministry, time is devoted to memorizing Scripture during class. Those that want to recite a verse may do so to a Scripture Listener, a volunteer who is stationed in the hallway or in an adjoining room. The classroom teacher remains with the rest of the class while the children take turns reciting to the Scripture Listener.


God's Word by Heart


The Scripture Memory Program content is provided below to download for free.


Each child memorizes at their own pace


The materials may be downloaded and reproduced


Minimal required supplies may be purchased locally or online


Scripture memory selections may be adapted as needed


Parents, teachers, and children have proved its merit




This kit includes:

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(Folder includes: Welcome, Background, Getting Started, Scripture Listeners, Sample Parent Letter, Bible Verses for Preschool and Kindergarten, and Bible Verses for Elementary)

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