Ambassador Sunday School: Kindergarten

Kindergarten: Tell Me the Story of Jesus

Teaches the young child about the person and life of Jesus Christ, and nurtures a personal relationship with Jesus as Savior and Friend. 

Qtr. 1

Lessons about getting ready for Jesus, John the Baptist, baptism of Jesus, Jesus calling the disciples, and many miracles of Jesus.


Qtr. 2

God’s wonderful promise of a Savior is fulfilled in the birth of Jesus. Lessons from the early life and teachings of Jesus, emphasizing Jesus’ care fore each of His precious children.

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Qtr. 3

Jesus is the King of all kings and Savior of the world. Lessons on Jesus’ death, resurrection, and ascension; the coming of the Holy Spirit; heaven; and being ready for Jesus’ return.

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Qtr. 1: Sample Lessons & Teacher Manuals

Qtr. 2: Sample Lessons & Teacher Manuals

Qtr. 3: Sample Lessons & Teacher Manuals