Foundations of the Faith: This is Most Certainly True

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Based on Luther’s Small Catechism for its structure and using Scripture as the primary text, FOUNDATIONS OF THE FAITH: This Is Most Certainly True introduces confirmation-age students to faith and theology in the Lutheran tradition. FOUNDATIONS 1 is 30 lessons on the authority of Scripture, the Ten Commandments, and the Apostles’ Creed, with a focus on Law and Gospel. FOUNDATIONS 2 continues the Law and Gospel emphasis with 30 lessons on prayer and the Lord’s Prayer, the Sacraments, an introduction to Lutheran confessional writings, and the Fundamental Principles of the AFLC.

Each lesson is introduced with a Bible story or passage and text intended to lead the students into the topic of the lesson. The core of each lesson is the study of Scripture as it applies to the topic. The lessons are written in such a way as to allow freedom and flexibility to the teacher. The teacher and students are encouraged to use good educational practices including collaboration, inquiry, reading, and writing. The lessons are modeled after a Cornell notes format in which students are encouraged to ask questions and write summaries of learning.

A teacher edition suggests possible answers to the questions in the student material. Also included in the teacher edition are ideas for class structure and process, ideas for introducing lessons, and ideas for supplementing conversation.

Fully downloadable and reproducible, Foundations of the Faith is intended to be versatile and adaptable for somewhat varied ages and settings. Additional instructional notes and ideas will continue to be added with future editions, and purchasers of the curriculum are entitled to free upgrades.

The most current upgrade was done on 7/13/22.

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Tables of Contents

View the table of contents for Foundations of the Faith year 1 here.

View the table of contents for Foundations of the Faith year 2 here.