Journey Through the New Testament

Dig into God’s Word while learning more about the geography and culture of the New Testament times. Lessons with colorful illustrations also feature special sections called Word Works, Fast Facts, and Catechism Corner. This Grade 6 book is similar in format to the Grade 5 book (Journey Through the Old Testament) with all 36 lessons in one book. Contact us to order your printed copy.

Resources for teaching the Grade 6 curriculum are free to download as a PDF file through our online bookstore at or by email request at A paper copy of these resources can also be purchased for $12. These resources include reproducible worksheets, suggested student book answers, and lesson plans for each lesson. We hope to publish a printed manual in the future.

This curriculum is flexible and can be used for Grade 6, junior high, high school, and even adult classes. Several churches have also used it for their core New Testament Bible teaching in confirmation classes.

Sample Lessons

Lesson 1
Lesson 2
Lesson 17
Lesson 18
Lesson 30

Student daily devotional readings
Lessons 1-36