Luther's hymn, "May God Bestow on Us His Grace," is the first mission hymn of the Lutheran Reformation. It is based on Psalm 67 and as such is a fitting psalm of blessing for the close of the worship service after the benediction.

In the third stanza, there is a beautiful benediction of the Holy Trinity, calling upon all the world to praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost alone. And then, in a remarkable close, the "Amen" is built into the third stanza: "Now let our hearts say, Amen."

Pastor Gordon Waterman


1. May God bestow on us His grace,
With blessings rich provide us,
And may the brightness of His face
To life eternal guide us
That we His saving health may know,
His gracious will and pleasure,
And also to the heathen show
Christ's riches without measure
And unto God convert them.

2. Thine over all shall be the praise
And thanks of ev'ry nation,
And all the world with joy shall raise
The voice of exultation;
For Thou shalt judge the earth, O Lord,
Nor suffer sin to flourish;
Thy people's pasture is Thy Word
Their souls to feed and nourish,
In righteous paths to keep them.

3. Oh, let the people praise Thy worth,
In all good works increasing;
The land shall plenteous fruit bring forth, 
Thy Word is rich in blessing.
May God the Father, God the Son,
And God the Spirit bless us!
Let all the world praise Him alone,
Let solemn awe possess us.
Now let our hearts say, Amen.

By Martin Luther, 1524
Based on Psalm 67